Film Permit Information


No filming shall be conducted on private or public property in the Village of Southampton without first obtaining a permit from the Village Clerk / Treasurer.

For this purpose, the term filming includes the taking of still or motion pictures, either on film, videotape or similar recording medium, for commercial or educational purposes intended for viewing on television or in theaters or for institutional use. For more information, contact Eileen Musarra at 631-283-0247, ext. 219.


Application should be made in writing to the Village Clerk / Treasurer. The application shall describe:

  • The nature of the proposed filming
  • The number of personnel, vehicles and equipment involved
  • The proposed date or dates
  • The proposed site or sites involved


The fee for filming on public property shall be $750 per day. Additional fees may be imposed if the proposed activity imposes unusual costs on the Village or its facilities.

The fee for filming on private property will be set on a case by case basis, depending on the costs which may be incurred by the Village.


The applicant shall supply the Village with proof of public liability insurance with policy limits of $500,000 / $1,000,0000 with the Incorporated Village of Southampton shown as an additional or named insured.


  • Filming on any Village beaches is not permitted from Memorial Day through September 30 of each year
  • Generators are not permitted
  • In general filming will not be permitted on weekends or holidays
  • Other conditions may be imposed
  • Requests for exceptions should be directed in writing to the Board of Trustees
  • Special restrictions apply to filming on beaches or near wetlands