Road Opening Permit

A road opening permit must be submitted to the Village with a $150 application fee. If trenching is needed, the fee will be $1 for each additional linear foot. The permit must be accompanied by a certificate of insurance naming the Village as a primary additionally insured (as per Village code) and a surety bond or certified check in an amount to be determined based on the application. No work is to commence without the approval of the application by the Superintendent of Public Works. Please note that any excavations in the roadway over 20 linear feet will have to have a final overlay of 1 1/2 inches from curb to curb.

See Southampton Village Code, Chapter 95, Section VIII, Road Excavations for more information.

Handicap Parking Permit (Village Residents Only)

A signed physician's note stating the disability must be provided to Village Clerk's Office. There is no fee for this service.

Tennis Permit (Village Residents Only)

  • $10 for single and $30 for family
  • Court located on Ann's Lane

Parking Exception Letter

All requests must be submitted in writing.