What will change in the Building Process?

On filing for a building permit, a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or International Codes Council checklist will have to accompany the building application. A knowledgeable third party may “rate” the proposed project for expected performance. Before the interior finishes are applied, the building will be checked by a third party to see that established benchmarks are met. A final inspection verifies performance and other features called for in the drawings and specifications. The rating standards are practical and foster good design, specify energy-saving techniques and systems and reward the best, most efficient use of all resources. Documents filed at completion are reviewed by national organizations to determine level of achievement.

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1. Why do we need an amendment to the building code?
2. What makes a process a “sustainable” building process?
3. What is USGBC, LEED, NAHB, and ICC 700?
4. What will change in the Building Process?
5. How much does it cost and how long does it take?
6. What benefits do I get? Will I save money? Will I add to the value of my home? How does this benefit the community?
7. What if I am doing a smaller renovation or addition?
8. When does this program begin?
9. Who awards my Certificate of Occupancy?